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Infection On the Rise

The cost for infections in hospitals and long term care facilities is on the rise.
  • An extended days stay can cost up to $1,000
  • Treatment for catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) could cost a hospital $2,500 to $3,000
  • A hospital acquired infection (HAI) can cost $30 to $50,000 per case

Below are some pictures showing infection caused by poor securement of catheters.










PrimeGuard Medical® focuses on prevention of infection through securements.
Our products are:

  • Innovative –

    Patented new proprietary design that secures the catheter at a proper angle to prevent kinking

  • Versatile –

    Designed to work with full range of catheters

  • Secure –

    Designed to provide superior securement to mitigate micro movement, dislodgement or pistoning of catheter

  • Cost Effective –

    A better way to secure IV’s to reduce phlebitis, unscheduled restarts and lost time – saving hospital and patient costs

  • Comfortable –

    Hypoallergenic, organic, breathable and latex free to reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Patient friendly adhesive is gentle to fragile skin. Excellent adhesion characteristics with dermal integrity.

  • Ease of Use –

    Easy to position and easy to remove in case of complication. No need for use of alcohol

To address the above complication PrimeGuard Medical has developed securements improving the stabilization and securement of the catheters.


Peripheral IV


Latex Foley


Silicone Foley

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