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PrimeGuard Medical® is an innovative company with infection control products and has a new platform of securement devices, for use in hospital and long–term care markets, as well as for patients at home. The initial family of products, our Guard360® line, is designed to create 360 degrees of stabilization and securement for peripheral IV’s and Foley catheters. These new securement devices use patented technologies and new proprietary materials to improve patient comfort, reduce infections and save costs.

PrimeGuard Medical® is relentless in our innovative efforts to develop medical solutions to meet unmet needs, reduce infections and reduce overall hospital/LTC costs. Our current products go to the source of the connections to improve the securement which helps reduce the risk of infections. Medical infections and subsequent patient complications, as a result of catheters being secured primarily by regular tape, continue to be a significant cost for both patients and hospitals. Our next–generation, Guard360® securement devices, allows clinicians peace of mind in providing improved infection control to both patients and the care team, saving costs, while delivering comfort to their patients.

PrimeGuard Medical® is partnering with other innovative companies and entrepreneurs to develop additional next–generation new products. Development projects include products for use in wound care, vein access, IV sets and urology. Strategic alliance inquiries for new product development are welcome. We will continue to relentlessly innovate to reduce infections, improve patient care and save costs.

PrimeGuard Medical® is committed to delivering high quality products and being the strongest partner possible for our customers and patients. We are an FDA registered company.


PrimeGuard Medical® identified the need for an improved securement device and began development in 2007. Preliminary designs were completed in 2011.The initial patent was filed in the end of 2011.

In 2012, PrimeGuard Medical® worked with leading companies in the IV catheter and Foley catheter markets, in an iterative fashion, to help with the design of the new securement devices. Prototype tools were developed and product was produced. The product was reviewed by leading companies and INS nurse focus groups for additional input and feedback. The prototype tools were modified to meet the expectations and requirements of company customers, nurses and patients.

In 2013 an interim executive was hired to develop the commercial strategy and identify market accounts.

In 2014 a president was hired to run the company and develop a launch strategy.

The First patent was issued by the Patent Office in end of 2013. The second patent was issued in October 2016 and a third patent was also filed the same month for our securement platform is planned to be filed.

In 2014 PrimeGuard Medical® started up production tools and also initiated development of contracts with GPO’s, distributors and sales networks for sales into the hospital, long-term care and home patient markets. PrimeGuard Medical® strengthened our IP position with trademarks, web presence, and branding activities. PrimeGuard Medical® worked with the FDA and completed all registration and filing requirements. During 2014, development work continued to incorporate enhancements to our products. In late 2014, as the Ebola crisis was rapidly taking hold of the front page headlines, PrimeGuard Medical® securement devices was recognized and featured in the Modern Healthcare Magazine as “Ebola spurs higher demand for infection-control products” as hospitals prepare for possible Ebola cases in hospital facilities. PrimeGuard Medical® continues to explore OEM relationships for developing additional sales channels.


Torsten Nilson


Torsten Nilson joined the PrimeGuard Medical as CEO on June 1, 2016. Mr. Nilson has 25+ years in Domestic and International C-Level management experience at both Corporate and start-ups. His 15+ years in the medical device business includes President/VP and Director positions at Amsino Medical Group, Tekni-Plex International and Hospira. He has an extensive record of building and turning around operations to quickly deliver impressive top and bottom line results. His accomplishments include building and growing an OEM business from three contracts to 35 contracts in 3 years, consolidating six operations into three that produced annual cost savings of $180M, and launching an new injection molding business that grew sales from zero to $18M in 18 months while generating $85M in new orders. Mr. Nilson is an innovator, entrepreneur and strategist who leverages business development and engineering skills to streamline processes, develop sales, generate cost savings and optimize resources.
Mr. Nilson received his MS in Chemical Engineering from the Lund University in Sweden.

Douglas Johnson


Douglas Johnson joined PrimeGuard Medical in March 2014 to run the company and is currently responsible for the worldwide commercial operations, product development and partnering businesses. Prior to joining PrimeGuard Medical, Mr. Johnson served in a variety of management and leadership positions including Chief Operating Officer, VP Sales, and VP of Medical Device Operations. He started his career at Baxter (12 years) in progressive corporate financial and marketing functions. In his final marketing position at Baxter, he oversaw the entire Base IV Set Business ($140MM), Vein Access line, Chemotherapy Infuser line, the Custom IV Set Business and was responsible with the launching of new products/concepts within the IV Systems Division. Mr. Johnson left Baxter to start his own medical device company, Douglas Medical Products (gained clearance of 17- 510k’s). For the past 22 years, he has been involved in 7 early commercialization stage and start-up medical device & pharmaceutical companies, where 4 were acquired.

Mr. Johnson received both his undergraduate (finance) and MBA (marketing/finance) degrees from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana campus.

Alan Trunek

Chief Financial Officer

Alan Trunek joined PrimeGuard Medical, as CFO in March 2015 and brings nearly 35 years of leadership experience across a broad base of financial disciplines and industries. Before joining PrimeGuard Medical, Mr. Trunek was a consultant serving a range of clients from small privately held companies up to large companies including BP, Tenneco, CDW, Abbott, Hospira and ITW. Prior to his 15 years in consulting, Mr. Trunek held various progressive roles in finance and accounting including Corporate Controller, Assistant Controller and Financial Management. Mr. Trunek brings a wealth of knowledge in systems, developing comprehensive programs, Sarbanes-Oxley, 10K & Q reporting and the experience of successfully growing businesses. Mr. Trunek earned his BA in Accounting from Western Illinois University.

Intellectual Property

PrimeGuard Medical® is committed to continue to develop strong IP positions in patents, trademarks, and branding.

PrimeGuard Medical® received our initial patent for securement devices in Q4 2013 & U.S Patent #8, 556, 859.

The second patent US 9,463,303 was issued on October 2016.

In later 2016, a third patent for our securement platform was filed.

PrimeGuard Medical® has a comprehensive trademark strategy that includes product, company and brand messaging. All trademarks have been submitted and or accepted.

PrimeGuard Medical® has adopted an aggressive domain strategy to ensure that our company and product names are well defended. In today’s internet, it is common practice for individuals outside the company to immediately acquire domain names around or similar to company and product names in order to create market confusion or hold valuable domain names to sell back to the company for significantly high costs. PrimeGuard Medical® has been very forward thinking in maintaining control of critical domain names.

PrimeGuard Medical® will continue to actively and aggressively develop and protect the IP of the company.